We firmly believe that making people and organisations part of their own development over longer periods of time will provide the best results. From that belief we developed the Fit to Fly™ method. For this reason we devote a lot of attention to the beginning and the final stages of each programme.

Being formal professionals ourselves, we only deliver tailor-made solutions, in which skill and leadership development programmes are created together with our clients. From management development, creating academies, delivering culture & change management programmes to sales- en communication trainings.


PINGUIN'S are indeed able to fly-
IT's just how you look at it...


2. Co-design

1. Analysis


Most of the time our relationships with clients start off with dialogues at various levels of their organisation:
•    we host workshops,
•    we spent time with staff,
•    we speak with stakeholders.
By involving both internal and external stakeholders, we ensure that we truly understand the situation and the position of each person involved. This helps us set the stage for phase 2. Co-design.
In this second stage we needs buy-in and motivation for all those involved to be successful.


Using co-design we work closely together with all key-players in our clients organisation:
•    management, HR, project teams,
•    customers, ambassadors, suppliers, 
•    staff.
The ultimate goal is to envisage the desired result. Together we work towards this desired result and determine who is responsible for what, what will be measured and how.
The result is a programme, tailor-made, widely carried internally and with clear definitions and agreements.




This phase is all about Doing!

The time for talk is over as we will work to develop participants, teams and organisations.

We aim to combine as many different aspects of learning and development as possible. Over a set period of time face-to-face sessions are followed by on- and or offline practice simulations, webinars and intermission sessions. The entire environment is blended and sometimes confronting. For this we work together with specialists, such as:

·       Trainers & Coaches,

·       Psychologists,

·       Serious gaming,

·       Personality testing.

·       Online platforms for;

Training, practice, webinars, and social media.

The focus in this stage is very much on what each participant can do him/herself in order to positively influence the desired result.

One of the biggest challenges with development programmes in general is to capitalise in the investment made. How can we make sure people actually embrace and use what they have experienced or learned?
We do not proclaim to have found the holy grail. We do however actively promote making each and every part of our programmes important. Important by making it part of the performance measurement of both management and participants.
Where possible we use blended learning together with multiple intelligence principles. Each individual learns in his or her own way.
By varying between face-to-face, webinars, peer feedback, practice online and on-the-job and ultimately intermission sessions we claim to cover all 8 intelligences needed in order to fully benefit from training.