Sustainable development

To develop people and organisations in a sustainable way and for your investment to be truly effective, we believe the following conditions do apply:

  • Everyone must know why they are involved and what exactly their role will be.

  • Management plays a vital role. As each programme is co-developed by the participants, it is important that they are coached and supported by their own manager throughout the entire programme.

  • Connection with real life. How do I translate this new insight to my current working situation? It is all about Doing!

  • Each Flying Penguin facilitator knows exactly what is going on in the workplace and understands the business context.


Leadership training

Our leadership trainings are open to experienced professionals eager to work on their personal development. We focus on personal leadership and guiding stewardship. The professional will get to know themselves better, will recognise his own and other people's behaviour. We increase level of understanding and take away or lower inhibiting boundaries.We will teach you to trust your instinct, qualities and help you to achieve your personal goals. Leadership training sessions are combined with individual coaching.

Skill training

Our skills training modules are extremely practical, usually tailor-made and very confrontational. Each training is full of hands-on hints and tips, directly linked to reality.
In most cases we use blended learning approaches. Especially practicing online, using video and audio recordings in combination with short situational movies prove to be very effective for most skill trainings.





Global leadership

Providing guiding stewardship at middle management level in an international and highly competitive environment: Create goals together, identify areas of influence and no go areas. Focus on what you can influence yourself! Personal development planning together with and for staff. Attention for topics such as: motivation, encourage ideas, rewarding, delegations, providing guidance, letting go or take charge.

Connect selling

Specifically focused on deepening the level of contact with customers. The entire sales process is covered from initiating first contact to closing the deal. The difference: Starting at the back: What is the desired customer experience? What is needed from us in order to meet that desire? Blended learning approach, global workshops, online practice, all elements of the Fit to Fly™ method were applied.


Selling innovative Value

Margins had to be improved. We needed to make the transition from giving discounts to selling value. We did.

Initial focus started with sales, but as is often the case going on ride-a-longs and interviewing staff and customers proved only part of the puzzle. The solution was to be found in internal communication. Teaching empathy, making contact connecting, dealing with objections and resistance positively, whilst expressing yourself clearly, assertively and politely / respectfully. The result was that communication was greatly improved, ultimately leading to improved margins.