About us

Our customers are unique. Their challenges are unique. The reasons for which they contact us is unique. In order to provide state-of-the-art and tailor-made solutions that fits those unique demands, we have created a network of highly trained specialists. Together we form the Flying Penguin International network in over 25 countries



Flying Penguin was founded early 2010 with the intention of changing the way people and organisations look at staff development.

The Fit to Fly™ method is the backbone of all Flying Penguin's programmes in which reverse thinking and 'out of the box' thinking are important elements. 

"We see so many organisations and sometimes we come across those that we would like to shake up, yelling: Look! You guys have great and loyal staff, fantastic middle management and so much potential! 

Yet, whenever important positions have to be filled you either look externally or promote excellent craftsmen (with little to no management potential) to the role of management! Why? Why do you spent so much money on external consultants and training companies to tell your staff what they already know? Don't you see that you have all the potential you will ever need, right here represented by your own staff?"

Fit to Fly™ involves everyone - including external stakeholders, and identifies those internal resources together. From knowledge and know-how to actual competences and the willingness to use them. We utilise these resources to develop the rest of the organisation. By sharing and co-creation we increase both bottom and top line results.



Together we make Penguins Fly!

Flying Penguin does not act alone. Using a network of professionals we contribute to each others strengths



Unique Resources specialises in culture, diversity and (group) behaviour.

Flying Penguin & Unique Sources work side by side on most international projects to make the most of Unique Sources' expertise on multi cultural collaboration.



De firma langenberg

Their expertise lies in internal and external communication through multimedia.

We work together on complex blended learning projects. Collaboration starts from the moment management teams conceive needed change. Together we make sure initiatives are tuned so initiating change also leads to actual achieved change. 




TrainAway offers training and education in combination with inspiring locations throughout the world.
As official partner, Flying Penguin delivers tailor-made programmes for groups in stimulating surroundings all over the world and consults training companies in providing challenging content for inspiring trips.
In order to support the best possible results we determine what and who is needed together with our customer for every project.
For this we actively nurture a vast network of coaches, trainers, consultants and even software agencies in order to strengthen our proposition. Both in The Netherlands and abroad.



Faculty of Skills

is a software development company that has developed a unique TrainTool used to practice skills. This tool allows participants to practice whenever, wherever and with whomever. Flying Penguin is exclusive partner in the development of training and practice content for their platform.

Additionally the TrainTool promotes peer-to-peer learning and coaching with supports Flying Penguin's vision to utilise internally available knowledge and knowhow.